Eyelashes Extension

For Professional Use Only; 16 Lines

Q-lashes products have the best quality with firm confidence and the most competitive price can be offered by our own factory; 100% smooth from root to the top; Excellence Adhesive Tape for Easy Pick Up; Bond with Glue Easily to Save Time and Perfect Quality Control;

Kỹ thuật nối mi mới: không làm hư lông mi thật của Q-Lashes - featured on Nguoi-Viet

We are original manufacture of eyelashes and offers with various eyelash extension products with top quality materials from South Korea. Our eyelash extension is made of very light, soft and flexible material PBT Synthetic (PolyButylene Terephthalate) with excellent quality and will make eyes more attractive.

We are innovative in constant research and development mode to be the best resource for your business; and we will offer the top quality and support you for significantly greater success in growing your business and expanding your clients.

Our eyelash extension products are trademarked for Q-lashes and designed to be light, gentle and bend with the natural hair. These lightweight, feathery soft lashes are made to be extra comfortable and they are perfect for a glamorous Hollywood look.

If you used our products and have any questions or concern of applying eyelash extension, you would be answered by Vivian with no charges!