Glue (Red) - Best Quality

Glue (Red) - Best Quality

This is the best glue from Q-Lashes

Q-lashes glue is Professional Medical Grade Glue made exclusively for Eyelash Extensions.

Fast drying time - “Super sensitive, No burn” - Super strong bonding power with no fumes so your eyelash extensions would stay on up to 4-6 weeks. Long life shelves.

1. Keep out of reach from children.
2. Store at cool temperature and avoid direct sun light, heat and water
3. This glue or eyelash adhesive is for licensed or certified professionals in beauty or medical industries use only.
4. Proper training from an Eyelash Extension Professional is highly recommended.
5. If eyelash glue and eyelash adhesive contact with eyes, flush with saline solution for 10 minutes.
6. If allergic reactions such as itchiness, redness, or swelling occur, consult physician immediately.

Glue (Red) - Best Quality

Glue (Red) - Best Quality


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